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The world outside the tight spaced womb can be very hard to adjust to for a newborn baby. The baby nest makes your baby feel embraced and safe, which means that you can lay baby down between feeds without much worry. This snuggled up feeling they get, often seems like magic to parents as it leads to baby relaxing and sleeping longer periods of time in the day. Use it anywhere around the house to make sure you can easily keep checking on you little one, keep baby safe and both parent's and baby's mind at ease.

The baby nest is small, portable, light and easy to bring along in a simple carry bag when going to visit friends and family, having a picnic at the park or going on a holiday. This saves you from lugging the huge pram or heavy portacot inside when you are for example 'just having dinner at your best friends place'. 

The toddler nest is a great sleep association tool for little people.

It makes sleepovers a breeze because your child will feel safe and at home ANYWHERE in their own nest.

Rolling out of bed may be a problem for some toddlers. The toddler nest will set a clear barrier around their sleeping little bodies to help keep them safe, and stay in bed. 

The LELU baby nest is made from 100% cotton fabric and polyester stuffing. They are all reversible and easy to flip, which allows us to use our favourite side up. I try to make my nests as safe and user friendly as possible. We know children are messy little humans. That is why I have made sure that all our nests are machine washable. I am always happy to accommodate your wishes to make you a custom made nest that is perfect for your family. 



The Baby Nest 


Width - 50cm

Length - 75 to 110cm

Inner rest space

Width - 25-30cm

Length - 60-90cm

Use from newborn up to between 6-24 months.

The Toddler Nest

Width - 60cm 

Length - 110cm to 130cm

Inner rest space

Width - 40cm

Length - 100cm-120cm

Use for up to 4 years.

Add a custom liner to your nest for an

easy, quick wash and added comfort.


Sizes vary, see individual product descriptions or contact me directly.