The                           nest is machine washable. Use a gentle hand wash or delicate washing machine program with cold wash temperature, medium spin cycle and if possible set to ‘small load’. Lay flat to air dry. Do not bleach, do not dry clean, do not tumble dry, do not spin dry.

The best way to avoid excessive wear and tare from washing is to spot wash stains with a soft wash cloth soaked in water & mild soap. 

Make sure to fluff the cushion stuffing before laying to dry, to avoid any lumps from forming after a wash.


Gentle Wash Program

Dont dry clean.jpg

Do Not Dry Clean

dont tumble dry.jpg

Do Not Dry Tumble Dry

not bleech.jpg

Do Not Bleech

dont iron.jpg

Do Not Iron

dry flat.jpg

Dry Flat


Do Not Wring



Use your LELU Baby nest practically anywhere around the house, or pack it in your bag, bring it with you wherever you go. It is perfect for travelling as your baby can rest anywhere stress free in a familiar space. 


The baby nest is great for supervised

Resting, Playing, Cuddling, Camping, Changing and more.



  • Baby nests are not SIDS approved, never leave your baby unattended in the nest.                

  • BACK TO SLEEP - Reduce risk of SIDS always place child on their back when sleeping.

  • Position child's head at the top of the nest (top and bottom shown in image below). Always keep child's head away from bottom chords to prevent the risk of entanglement or strangulation.

  • Never place toys, stuffed toys, pillows, blankets or soft bedding in nest with child. Children have suffocated from additional pillows in a nest.

  • Always apply direct adult supervision when child is in a nest. 

  • Never use to carry child

  • Never use if                 nest has been damaged. 

  • Do not place close to fire or heaters.

  • Always place the nest on a flat, firm and stable surface and on a surfaces where the child can not fall. Soft surfaces can make a child roll into the sides and risk suffocation.

  • The                nest is not intended as a toy. 

  • Do not place the nest in any other product such as cribs, bassinets or playpens. 

  • Australian red nose guidelines on safe sleeping recommends babies sleep on their backs on their own in an Australian safety rated cot or bassinet with nothing but a safe sleeping bag or swaddle. Large openings or gaps in a baby’s crib is unsafe. Soft padding in a bed should be avoided and baby’s sleep surface should be flat and firm. 

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