My name is Carina, I live in Airlie Beach, Queensland Australia with my husband and two kids. I made my first baby nest in 2015 when I was pregnant with my son. I made a few custom orders here and there for friends and family and was dreaming about making sewing a bigger part of my life because I enjoy it a lot as a creative outlet. My first few nests turned out ok, but I am still perfecting my design to make it as user friendly and safe as possible. The name LELU Baby comes from the first two letters of each of my children’s names.


I grew up in Sweden where the baby nest is a very common gift for a new baby. Being Scandinavian I never thought much of it until I got a lot of interest from friends and family in Australia when posting private photos of my babies in their nests on social media. It is with great respect and some fear I take on this market. I am giving it my all and doing my best to make life easier for parents all around.


In 2017 I gave birth to my daughter and used my handmade baby nest a lot in the beginning of her life. Mostly the reason for using it was to keep her safe and close at all times, to make sure her nearly 2 year old big brother could not accidentally hurt her by ‘showing’ her his toys by throwing them at her. Or by accidentally suffocating her with his cuddles. Since my daughter was using my sons newborn nest, I had to make him a bigger nest to keep him from having tantrum meltdowns when he was not allowed to use the nest that was now his sisters. I started experimenting on new patterns and a different design with less string to cause concern, and a safer all over shape and a better look. I also started using a more durable, thicker type of fabric for the toddler nests as big babies move around a lot more than tiny newborns. This is when I got even more interest from people and I started sharing photos on social media with the business name LELU Baby.


I believe the best way of using a nest is to start with a newborn sized nest to make baby feel embraced and snuggly. Then as your child grows bigger, move to a toddler sized nest with a bit more space, a slightly more padded resting space, and a more durable type of fabric. It makes a great portable bed for a comfortable rest time anywhere, anytime.

I am a parent who knows the struggles that come with lack of sleep. All I am hoping to do with my small business is to help fellow parents make life a little easier amongst all challenges that comes with getting to know our ever changing and growing children. 

Driveway Project 08.04.2020 R Jean Photo